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railway wagon cover at best price

Railway Wagon Cover

Narayan Traders is  a manufacturer of railway wagon covers. Generally people use railway wagon covers to protect their material from rain and sun. It helps to curb the pollution. We can provide it in a variety of thickness and size as per our clients requirement.Read more




We use HDPE Tarpaulin to cover trucks and make  temporary shelter. People use  HDPE in different sectors like Agriculture, Infrastructure, Automobile, Floor spreads, cover for machines or Almirahs and also as tents.


Large Stockpile cover helps to protect sand, coal, grain and plot .

Stockpile Tarps

Stockpile tarps are also known as a plot cover. Sometimes we can not store our stock indoors. Stockpile tarps are the cheapest way to protect your materials by UV ray, rain and an animal tempting. We can use a plot cover to protect any kind of a material such as heaps of coal,  limestone,clinker, grain and sand in the port area. We also use a plot cover  to protect buildings, premises and ships.


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PP Laminated and unlamented Woven Sacks For Packing materials.


We are the supplier of PP/HDPE Woven sacks. Woven sacks are used to pack food, sugar, solid chemicals, animal feeds, fertilizers, sand and any solid material. We offer you long lasting, tear free and reusable woven sacks. It will protect your material from rain, dust and outside humidity. We provide these plastic woven bags in  both  laminated and unlaminated form. Available in all size, colors and thickness as per our client requirement.


Prima Polymers PP Fabric PP Rolls.

PP Rolls

We offer PP Woven Rolls. PP Rolls are used to make woven bags, boxes bag, railway wagon covers, jumbo bags and packing bags to pack  any kind of solid materials. PP Woven Rolls are available in laminated and unlaminated forms. We provide all sizes, colors and thickness as per our client requirement.


Crossed Laminated Tarpaulins

Narayan Traders is a supplier of cross laminated tarpaulin.People use it in different sectors such as Industrial, Agriculture, Infrastructure and Automobile. It is used to protect their Industrial Equipment, Grains and so on. Cross laminated tarpaulin has many layers of plastic films positioned  in criss- cross directions. It is reusable, waterproof, tear free and chemical resistant. It can also be used to protect cars, bikes, trucks, gardens, buildings and furnitures.  

Shed nets can be used in different sectors like construction, agriculture etc.

Shad Net

People use tarps in different industries and construction is one of them. Tarps can be used in different ways in construction areas. Such as roof protection, floor covering, wall covering and so on. When the construction begins, we need to protect weak areas throughout  the construction phases. And tarps are an inexpensive way to protect that. It is lightweight, long lasting. Available in  custom thickness and custom size.



we are the supplier of LDPE. Available in custom thickness and custom size.

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